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A minute analysis of the last twenty home games of some Barcelona will be of little to no use if you find yourself on a bright and colorful scam website instead of a respectable sportsbook. However, even if a website is fair, you still may come upon a snag that is capable of spoiling your pleasure.

And yet, it is relatively easy to avoid such catches. Your goal is to find a betting website that will leave you with nice impressions only, right? Good, we would like to offer you two ways to achieve that.

The first (and the shorter one): choose a random website from our rating. There is no question of frauds, while you would most likely find the conditions quite advantageous.

The second way requires a little more time, but it is more efficient as well: you should look through the aspects you will find below and do not limit yourself to one gambling resource. Equipping yourself with knowledge, you will be able to take the most out of your own crypto betting experience and make the right choice.

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The proverb “measure twice, cut once” fits this situation in the best way possible. You should double-check at least the most important aspects of a crypto sportsbook. The serious approach implies not only analysis but also a comparison of websites with each other after you have placed a bet or two on each of them. Elimination will help you find the most acceptable option.

Here are some criteria that will be of use when appraising crypto bookmakers:
- Odds
- Guaranteed payments
- Intuitiveness of interface
- Security
- Bonus offers
- Gifts and privileges
- Variety of sports
- Accepted cryptocurrencies
- Types of bets
- Tech support

On the face of it, the first point is quite simple: the higher the odds, the bigger the potential profit. Consequently, a website that has higher odds is clearly better than those with lower ones. However, promises of something exclusive is a favorite trick of various fraudsters. Be careful and don’t swallow their bait if you do not want to lose your money.

On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent you from comparing the odds of some popular BTC sportsbooks that care for their reputation and do not have any dubious history.

It would be quite upsetting for you to know that nobody is going to pay you the amount stored up on your account. It should not happen with larger resources, but no one can feel secure against a scenario when someone is suspicious about one’s strategy.

Of course, there could be some farfetched reasons for non-payment or it even could be planned from the get-go. Fortunately, such information can be easily googled thanks to the comments of other bettors, while the websites that deceive players do not last long. As a rule.

There are some more controversial situations when bets get canceled due to betting forks. Note that arbitrage betting is prohibited on practically all sportsbooks. You should employ fork betting at your own peril.

The interface is what defines your possible interaction with a website. Buttons, links, tables, sections, navigation bars, and everything else that allows you to place bets, deposit BTC, analyze games, and so on. Some people need only the ON/OFF button on remote control, while others would like to switch channels as well. If an interface is too complicated or poor, you should probably find another betting portal.

It is quite difficult to check the security of a website, but there are some obvious red flags. For instance, using HTTP instead of HTTPS has been bad manners for a while.

A nice bonus quickly tips the scales in favor of a specific Bitcoin totalizator. They might be quite big, so always check the resource for promos and special offers. It is not rare that one can double his balance thanks to a decent deposit bonus.

After that, you can also see whether the website offers any other interesting features like a loyalty program. If you will like it and get the habit of placing Bitcoin sports bets in the same sportsbook, it could be very profitable. Various holiday-related gifts would hardly seem excessive as well.

You can skip the next aspect given that you are interested in a single type of sports. However, if you like, say, football, biathlon, and something else, you would probably want to bet on a whole range of sports events.

The same applies to cryptocurrencies. Maybe you are using not only bitcoins, but also litecoins, ether, or any other altcoin. In that case, it would be handy to have an opportunity to make bets with other cryptocurrencies.

Types of bets are also important. What if you want to bet on the exact amount of goals? Or a first scorer in a game? Or predict that Lionel Messi will score a goal from his own half? Then you need some advanced options of cryptocurrency sportsbetting.

Check whether a bookmaker accepts live bets. It is much more interesting to watch sports when you can make predictions during the course of the game. Live betting with cryptocoins makes gambling even more exciting.

By the way, some sportsbooks do not confine themselves to sports and e-sports. There are resources that allow people to bet cryptocurrency on events of all sorts. For example, BetMoose trends include bets on “will crypto bubble burst?” and “will Twitter ban the account of Donald Trump?”. The websites with these types of Bitcoin sports bets surely have lots of fans.

The responsiveness of a customer support team plays a critical role, too. If something happens to your deposit or a system’s glitch spoils your bet somehow, you would like to solve the problem as soon as possible. That’s why the best Bitcoin betting websites are known for their impeccable tech support.

Remember that the most important aspects like payments or security reflect on a Bitcoin sportsbook’s reputation one way or another. So, we highly recommend you forget about laziness and invest some time in reading reviews from other players and experienced experts. Good luck!