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Dash Casino Games in 2022: what then is my name to you?

In the beginning, was the word, and the word was “XCoin” (XCO). The first name lasted out a little more than a month before being replaced with “Darkcoin”. In a year, it was decided to dissociate from bad “dark”-related associations and move towards the radiant future. That’s when Dash (Digital Cash) showed up.

This name is no accident. In the current phase, Dash has an ambitious goal to become such a cryptocurrency that even your grandma could make use of. And these are not just words, because the developers take steps (other than rebranding) in this direction actively. The implementation of InstantSend feature and the partnership with Wirex online banking platform, which should see Dash integrated into the banking system, speak for themselves.

The young, yet very prospective cryptocurrency is assimilating into the gambling industry little by little. Furthermore, it has every chance to take one of the leading places in this sphere due to its significant benefits. But we should begin with the websites...

Online Casinos where you can gamble for Dash

Now, let’s review in brief the peculiarities of several mentioned casinos accepting DASH.

Crypto-Games.net and FortuneJack are similar because they both are taking the leading positions among online crypto-casinos. FortuneJack Casino offers a great range of various casino games and promotions. Crypto-Games confines itself to one option for each type of game, but then the website has an impressive performance. Also, it should not cause any issues for those who are gambling on their iPhones and iPads, as it does not use Adobe Flash Player.

Why Dash becomes more popular in crypto casinos?

Being a relatively young crypto coin, Dash did bring about several events that caused people’s jaws to drop on the floor. For example, its price climbed 23 times higher from late February to late April of 2014 (that is, in the days of Darkcoin). It did not last for too long, but DASH managed to hit the top 5 popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

After that, Dash made unavailing attempts to reach the previously conquered high for several years. But it was the year 2017 that turned everything upside down: if this cryptocurrency was about $11 in January, mow, in mid-December, it has passed through $900 and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. It ranks as the 7th biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization with more than $7 billion.

These numbers are only some of the obvious reasons why Dash gets more and more attention. This cryptocurrency also has other benefits and features that are very advantageous for gamblers:

- Improved security. Dash uses 11 algorithms of cryptographic encoding (their combination is called X11), that is, hackers would have to deal with each one of them individually in order to achieve their goal. It makes system more protected as opposed to such virtual currencies as Bitcoin or Litecoin, each of them having one algorithm.

- Ability to send funds with increased anonymity (PrivateSend). The privacy is achieved through the division of transactions into equal fractions and mixing the identical ones to avoid the tracking.

- Instant transaction technology (InstantSend). It increases the speed of money transfers far and away, while also requiring comparably low fees (about $0.5). The average amount of instant transactions is more than ten times lower than the corresponding rate of a bitcoin transfer. The ordinary Dash transactions cost even less.

- The system consists of two layers instead of one. Similar to other cryptocoins, there are miners that confirm transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain. However, there are also masternodes: the participants that have downloaded the full-sized blockchain and invested 1000 DASH. The operation of InstantSend and PrivateSend features relies on Masternodes.

So, Dash offers some nice conditions for gamblers. Like the majority of other crypto-assets, it enables anonymous gambling with fast and cheap payments. And yet, thanks to the developers’ efforts, Dash takes it to the next level, because its system has better protection, transactions are faster and cheaper, while personal data are inviolable.

How to start gambling with Dash

To get started, you will need to get either a proper wallet or an account on some exchange that trades this cryptocurrency. The official website has a list of 69 exchanges and four brokers. Apart from that, you can buy Dash in an ATM or over-the-counter. Also, there is an instruction for those who would like to begin mining Dash.

When you get your first funds, go to a Dash casino website, copy the corresponding address, and make your first deposit. It would be better to choose a resource with an active welcome bonus, as it will increase the amount you can spend on gambling.

Are there any Dash Faucets?

If you want to get some funds on your account to gamble in Dash casinos for free, you may be interested in cryptocurrency faucets. Simple actions combined with ads browsing will be bringing you a little digital money from time to time.

Here are some of these websites:
- dash-faucet.com
- harena.space/dashcoin
- moondash.co.in
- bagi.co.in/dashcoin
- 8raa.com
- btcinbtc.com/dash
- bitcoball.com/dash

Of course, the faucets allow you to earn Dash only in small amounts. Nonetheless, it should be enough if your goal is “to have a taste” of gambling on certain resources.

Check out these amazing Dash online casinos in 2022

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