New online casinos that accept Bitcoins in 2022

new bitcoin casinos

New Bitcoin Casinos for Exciting Gambling Experience

In 2022, hardly anyone can say that there are too few cryptocurrency gambling websites on the Internet. Not only do these websites exist, but they are also catching up to traditional online casinos in terms of bonus offers scope or user growth.

That being said, the variety of user demands — and we are talking here about users who prefer Bitcoin casino games — is sending the message that only a small percentage of the crypto gambling space is filled up. It can only mean one thing: new crypto casinos are welcomed with open arms.

Proven new crypto casinos

If you got excited about playing Bitcoin games on some new platform, yet you still want to avoid unfamiliar resources, this quick review will come to handy. It covers several recently created platforms, each having a good reputation and positive customer reviews.

Winz Casino

winz casino website screens Casino is a great-looking website with bitcoin casino games that offer only top-quality slots and table games. There are also games with jackpots and live casino apps with real dealers. One of the main features of this resource is the wagering multiplier of x0 (yes all bonuses are wager-free!), which makes its wagering requirements the lowest in the industry. Accepts BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, LTC, USDT, XRP, TRX, BNB, and ADA.

fairspin casino website screens is much different from other websites new to the world of crypto gambling. This resource is working on the Ethereum blockchain, so you have to exchange ETH for the FUN cryptocurrency to gamble on this platform. This website has some unique games, referral system, and outstanding tournaments. website devices is one of those newcomers that bring along an entire set of characters with unique bonuses. Furthermore, it has deposit bonuses and a loyalty program, as well as a fairly rich collection of casino games from leading providers. Accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DOGE, BCH.

Looking for more new online casinos that accept bitcoins?

Here are a few Bitcoin casinos that are still regarded as new to the casino gambling industry:

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Each of these platforms is a proven place so you should not worry about their young age. To the contrary, the desire to be liked by as many gamblers as possible makes these new bitcoin casinos very user-friendly resources with remarkable customer support.

Websites with crypto casino games are catching up step by step with fiat-money casinos pretty much by all accounts. In some aspects, new bitcoin casinos can even get ahead of the competition; you can try finding a common gambling website that has Provably Fair games or an integrated crypto converter, not to mention the speed of deposit and withdrawal processing.

But when it comes to the number and diversity of resources, bitcoin gambling advocates have to keep their head down and shake their head in sadness. Trying to count the traditional online casinos will have the same outcome as counting the stars in the night sky. Say what you like, but cryptocurrency websites are far behind in sheer numbers.

And that is exactly why emerging new crypto casinos are so important for both individual gamblers and the community at large. Every new casino that allows gambling with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Tether, or other altcoins, gets in the spotlight on forums and all sorts of other channels.

It creates a conducive environment for both gambling website owners and common users who are more interested in casino games variety and particularly fetching bonuses. On the other hand, the increased interest in new platforms often serves as an additional filter, helping to weed out dodgy and outright fraudulent resources at the early stages.

What makes new crypto casinos great?

Cryptocurrency gambling buffs were quick to realize that new casinos with cryptocurrency games often make significant concessions in order to ensure the influx of new gamblers. Furthermore, the websites always have to come up with new and captivating ideas in order to attract people’s attention.

Unusually generous bonus offers are a classic solution to this problem. It is hard to resist the bonuses that are, say, two or three times larger than the ones in other cryptocurrency casinos. And if a gambler has to spend a minute or two to sign up on a new crypto casino, he or she will eagerly take this deal. What matters next is that the casino makes it worth the while and reward the gambler’s efforts with bonus goodies.

Here are some of the bonuses often found in new Bitcoin casinos:
• Increased welcome bonus on deposits
• No deposit bonus for signing up
• Time-limited promo codes
• Increased cashback for a certain period
• Additional free spins on deposits

We should say more about bonus codes. It is a common practice among recently opened crypto casinos. They use all sorts of channels for advertising, which often includes promo codes for no deposit casino bonuses. It makes sense to look for them on information websites, as they may be exclusive.

It is very simple and very effective. A no deposit bonus makes it possible to check out new casino games while feeling like you are gambling with real money. It provides enough motivation to create an account on the website, incrementing the new users counter. Sounds like a win-win situation for all.

But sometimes it is not enough to just go ahead and make the bonuses bigger, or send promo codes. The thing is, it often takes nothing for large Bitcoin resources to even out their own bonus offers, making that advantage of new crypto casinos less relevant. We have not even mentioned the websites that increase their wagering requirements as well as bonuses. Even if a gambler takes an interest in such promotion, the high wagering multiplier can leave an aftertaste of disappointment.

With that in mind, many newcomer websites try to come up with something original. Lately, it has been relatively popular to add role-playing elements to the platform. For instance, such casino can be made in the style of an imaginary world, where users have to choose one of many character avatars, each with unique abilities.

Naturally, more incentives come into play. It is usually done in a way so that each character gives access to a unique bonus that grants some kind of benefit in Bitcoin casino games. These special abilities are easily combined with other features on a newly minted cryptocurrency resource, not no mention all those free spins, cashbacks, and bonus money.

There are other ways to make bonus offers interesting and unique. You can often find something of a large-scale quest on new bitcoin gambling websites. It is a sort of meta game that keeps track of how much money players wager in casino games. A frequent solution is to use a level system where you should earn competition points making bets with real money in order to level up.

With each new level, a user is gradually getting closer to the coveted finish line and the main prize for the first place. There are various prizes, and their nature usually depends on the seed capital of a new bitcoin website. It may be a thousand free spins, new MacBook, a pile of money, or, in some cases, a trip for two to tropical islands.

A particular advantage of these quests is that users are going to get bonuses as they reach new levels. Even if you fail to be the first to cross the finish line, the resource will still give you something like free spins or cash bonuses.

Some casinos can even go further and combine such quest with the abovementioned character avatars and a loyalty program. It is possible thanks to the integration of bonus points that are given out for making deposits, betting in casino games, and so on.

In fact, original promotions are often a distinctive feature of new bitcoin casinos. It is a great way to attract gamblers to the website in short order. Even more than that, this feature is almost mandatory in times of the struggle for clicks and attention.

Gamblers are more than happy about that. Not only do they get an opportunity to gamble using cryptocurrency in a new casino, but they are also able to take part in exciting promos and get some rewards when playing for real money. And when participating in tournaments, they can experience a lot of emotions in the pursuit of the main prize, competing with other gamblers.

Here lies an additional advantage of crypto gambling neophytes. If a gambling contest is held at a popular website, there could easily be thousands of participants, and maybe more. So, all of them are going to compete with each other.

It is a whole other thing with new bitcoin platforms. They allow you to deal with a much smaller pool of cryptocurrency casino gambling buffs. As a result, you can expect much higher chances of taking the first place, while the race itself is going to be less difficult.

Each new user will be much more significant for a new cryptocurrency casino than for an online gambling whale. It implies certain differences in attitude towards such users. That is not to say that large resources treat their users badly — such platforms usually are very client-oriented. Still, it will be palpable in some aspects, albeit in the response time of the support team.

The same can be said of disputes. In the ideal world, they just never happen. But in reality, sometimes users have to prove that they did not violate any rules, and therefore all their winnings are absolutely fair and just.

Distinguished platforms would likely stand their ground uncompromisingly, at least most of them. Sometimes this process can take a long time, causing unnecessary frustration and freezing the funds.

New casinos will be more forthcoming in cooperating. No, it does not mean that they will let you breach their own terms and conditions. But at least they will try to come up with a solution for this issue as soon as possible, lest this case becomes a questionable stain on their reputation as a crypto games website.

If the website features some means of communication for gamblers, it can be another advantage if compared to “loud” chat rooms of popular crypto platforms. In a new bitcoin gambling casino, players are going to have longer and more interesting conversations while their shared discussions of wins and losses make it possible to develop a sense of solidarity. Regrettably, it is almost impossible in chat rooms with large numbers of people.

Another benefit of new cryptocurrency casinos is, of course, their openness towards unconventional solutions and new technology implementation. A platform that has been operating for 8 years will less likely dare to make drastic changes or experiment when the outcomes are unpredictable. Gamblers who want changes have to leave it in search of something fresh and original.

A new bitcoin casino is a clean slate, so you can test any kind of innovations in the world of crypto gambling, let alone the development of a unique design. Such a resource is not afraid of losing users who are “too accustomed” to regularity and stability. To the contrary, their goal is to attract that category of gamblers who have a desire for fresh and thrilling impressions from cryptocurrency casino games.

Such casinos can integrate in their website something like a cryptocurrency converter, ultra-convenient payment system, crypto faucet, crypto giveaway chatbot, and other cool stuff. Auspicious ideas can even be later picked up by more “conservative” gambling websites, but it would only be later on, while gamblers have a chance to use those benefits right then and there.

To sum it all up, we can highlight the following advantages of new bitcoin casinos:
1. Increased standard bonuses
2. Frequent no deposit bonuses
3. Unique quests and original promotions
4. Draws of prizes and crypto giveaways
5. Weaker competition in tournaments
6. Considerate customer support
7. Individual approach in problem situations
8. The less superficial social aspect
9. Implementation of new technologies
10. Openness to original solutions

This list is big enough to resolve to check out cryptocurrency games in some new bitcoin casino. You will still be able to switch back to time-tested websites if you do not like it, or simply try out something else!

How to choose new Bitcoin casinos in 2022

To make the choice of a new Bitcoin games website much easier, you should make your pick among the websites that have already been endorsed by gamblers. It makes sense to go through various rankings and read honest reviews from gamblers about one crypto casino or another.

If you want to explore the uncharted paths on your own, be sure to check the license of a gambling software operator. It will help you avoid bad things like lost time or money.

New crypto casinos try to attract gamblers with very good offers, but you should really look for reviews first. If there are none, but you still want to have your own impression, try to gamble with the smallest possible amounts of cryptocurrency.

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